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"1) Sleep with the windows open to hear the birds singing you awake in the mornings
2) Eat fruit and vegetables- and lots of them.
3) After eating your 5-a-day go to the store and buy a big tub of icecream- after all those greens you deserve it.
4) Listen to music that lights your soul not causes tears in your eyes.
5) Breathe and take note at the oxygen that flows into your body and becomes Co2- you contribute to helping plants grow.
6) Cold water, with floating icecubes, is pretty rad and refreshing.
7) Count your blessings not your problems
8) Leave your hair down, resist the urge to try and control it- just like situations in your life, they’re best left to be free.
9) Sleep naked, wake up looking at your body and marvelling in the wonders of your anatomy.
10) Don’t go out looking to find your ‘soul mate’- let things happen naturally.
11) It’s okay to be sad.
12) Have a bath with no bubbles- just look at the clear water and touch its soft surface.
13) Go the library and give evils to the people who refuse to be silent
14) Smile with the wind in your face- things could be a lot worse you know
15) Expand, every second, sit taller, laugh harder. Expand, expand!
16) Go for a walk without your iPod or headphones. Listen to the music of nature
17) Go to that party you were invited too, don’t be scared, kiss lots of boys because you deserve the thrill of adrenaline
18) Throw your diet books away- who needs photoshopped models anyway?
19) Stop analysing for one second and just appreciate
20) Love. Love. Love. Love"
- 20things to be happy for me (via love-light-and-happiness)

(via thewayfitfeels)